Importants of Computer Security

Importants of Computer Security

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Computer is the place where we store all our personal and official information, so Computer Security matters a lot to all of us.

A complete IT security can secure all our data and can protect these data from any kind of theft and damages. This protection is included with the security of data, Software and hardware also.

Why Computer Security is so important?

1) Most of the Government centers are using Computer for keeping all the records and information. So they need a complete IT security for protecting their data.

2) Computer virus can erase all the data from our Computer, so that we need to have a proper computer security for protecting our data.

3) Computer hackers can hack someone’s computer and can transfer money from users account to their account and this kind of hacking can lead to economical lose for someone.

Computer Security

Techniques of Computer Security

Proper Authentication- This is the basic IT Security technique. A password is used for each and every organization for their computer security. In an Authentic identification system the verified user will get an authenticating message if someone else is trying to open the Computer. This authentication process can identify the original user and also can identify the dishonest user.


This security process can lock our personal and official data. In this Security system any data will not be founded unless the user pressing the Unlock Key. The unlock key should be private for the User. This is another way of Computer Security.


Virus is most dangerous thing for a computer. A powerful virus can erase all the important data from your computer and also can leak all your private information to the hackers. As the technology is most advanced nowadays there is lots of Virus are available in the market which can even lock your Computer for lifetime.

Antivirus software can protect your computer from these kinds of risk factors. It can protect our computer from any kind virus installation and also can scan the installed virus. Most numbers of Government sector are using this software for keeping their data safe and secure.

Digital Signature

Another important tool of Computer security is Digital Signature. In this security process, digital signature of original user is mandatory for opening a private and secured data. This process is the most secure process nowadays.


Firewall can address any kind of unauthorized attempt. It is a complete security system for preventing your data from the Hackers. An active firewall system can notify you that your security system is not enough secured.